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Last night, I received a very interesting text from this asshole from a year ago.

The text said many things, he’s been thinking about me a lot..Asked if I wanted to grab a cup of coffee sometime or something.

Once I found out who it was, I retaliated with my own version of go fuck yourself.

The nerve of this guy…I would forgive and make amends? Think I would forget everything that has happened and pretend like it didn’t exist?

Go the fuck to hell. You don’t deserve forgiveness, you don’t deserve another ounce of my time.

I understand that there are times when it’s better off to forgive, however, this is not that time. Never in this lifetime will you get my forgiveness.

He just wanted to feel better about all the terrible things he’s done, all the manipulations and mishaps in his life. He doesn’t want forgiveness or is he genuine.

And times like this is very rare for me when I stand up for myself, for my beliefs. Never again will you get me.

This time, I win. This time I’m smarter, wiser and brighter than ever.

So dear asshole, go fuck yourself. Because you deserve it.

I woke up this morning with the biggest smile, knowing that he will never get forgiveness from me. Knowing that he’ll never be able to make amends. I’m sure his list of people he needs to apologize to is very long.

This is my ultimate revenge. I am happy. I am proud. I am me.

And you are still the same old sad fucking son of a bitch I met 3 years ago.

To all the people who were heart broken by the bad influences and the ill mannered souls…This one is for you. This time is yours.

And tell all the losers that you are better and brighter than ever. Tell the world who you are. Let people know you are not to be reckoned with!


  1. desastre says:

    WE can only move forward and use anger as drive.

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